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We Aspire To Be The Best In The Fields That We Serve Our Clients

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Asteriisc Technologies Private Limited provides services across multiple IT platforms like Web Development, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Graphic Design, E-Commerce Solutions, Enterprise Resource Planning etc. We pioneer in providing great quality products and services to our clients. We develop, design and maintenance to bring out the best in technology to serve our clients.

 We have a great team of experts in every field we work in, who can understand the standpoint of clients, whose work is based on heavy research and whose work is filled with passion. Work that we do and produce will always be iterated and improved by our developers so that our products stay up-to-date with clients. We have a professional working framework formed to best tackle the requirements and come up with best solutions faster.

What do we do?

We develop in multiple technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, MEAN Stack, React and other modern technologies for web development, Java for Android and Swift for IOS development. We also provide hybrid mobile app development services in an Ionic framework. We provide platform-neutral desktop applications in Electron framework.

Our vision is to stand high as a game changer in the in the industry with our ultimate performance and unique skills. 
Our Mission is provide the best and simple solutions to enhance the business of our client to next level by adopting innovative methods on the projects we do.

Vision & Mission

Training at Asteriisc

At Asteriisc we also provide training in Web Technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and advanced technologies like Angular, NodeJS and MongoDB. We make sure our trainees get the best of our resources, by providing them with the opportunity of interning with us. We train and test our candidates for us to certify them. After certification, the candidates are welcome to do an internship with us for 3 months so they can get hands-on experience with real-time projects. Internship time can be best used by candidates with collaborating with our developers and learning at every step of development process.

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